Top 7 Tips for Posting on Instagram for Business

Here at Ford Digital we’ve come up with a few cool tips on how to market your business via Instagram. Follow our top 7 tips to successfully post on Instagram for your business.



1. Create  a business account
It seems obvious, but create an account solely for your business, with Instagram you can name your account whatever you want so why not? Include a branded photo and link it to your website so your followers can distinguish you. You can also reach a wider audience by linking it to your Facebook account and other social platforms so you can instantly share your photos with your fans.

2. Hashtag, hashtag, hashtag
Use hashtags to market your photos to a wider audience, you can use both general and specific ones for example if you are based in Brisbane #brisbane. Alternatively hashtag your company name #forddigitalagency. Hashtags are a great way for people to find you through their Instagram searches.

3. Post clear photos
Who wants to look at blurry photos? Your followers will engage with you so much more if you post nice clear photos. Professionals don’t want to see blurry photos that look like they’ve been taken on a drunken night out – save those for your personal account!

4. Engage with your followers
Follow your followers back. Like their photos. Comment if you see something you like. Engaging with your followers will encourage them to engage with you. You can reward them with contests, promo codes and featuring user generated content on your page.

5. Timing is everything
Timing is very important with Instagram posting. People aren’t going to check their Instagram in the middle of the night. The best times to post are first thing in the morning or at the end of the afternoon.

6. Be consistent
Have consistency across your posts, for example use a similar filter, if you’re going to use a border use the same one. Apps like whitagram and instasize allow you to post whole photos with a white border which will make your profile look neater. Consistency will also help brand your business.

7. Show yourself off
Post photos highlighting your products or services, If your business reaches a milestone or gains an achievement share it with your followers. Show them you work in a fun and friendly environment. It’s also a good way to celebrate your staff and show how much you value them. Everyone loves a well-connected workplace.

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