The top Facebook pages in Australia!

AND the Top Facebook pages in Australia for local fans are right now are…

For Pages: Hamish & Andy with 1,638,002 local fans, 2,006,415 likes overall.

For Brand: Skittles  with 980,111 local fans – 25,769,942 likes overall.

For Celebrities: Hamish & Andy (AGAIN!) with 1,638,002 local fans, 2,006,415 likes overall.

For Entertainment: Family Guy  with 1,380,770 local fans, and a WHOPPING 54,912,748 likes overall.

For Media: Facebook with 1,154,414 local fans and as expected 109,529,345 likes overall.

For Politics: Barack Obama with 533,778 local fans and 38,380,572 likes overall.  Queensland Police Service are #2 in this category sitting at 409,284 local fans and 428,591 likes overall.

For Sports: AFL with 516,729 local fans and 570,751 likes overall.

And finally in the category of Places: Sydney Airport with 700,057 check ins / 1,622,993 were here count.

Correct as at 15th January 2014 / source: Social Bakers