You might want to think twice about your next Facebook review

The headline today “Sydney cafe owner lashes out in note war with dissatisfied customer”

Facebook Dislike

Ever written a less than positive online review after visiting an establishment?  There’s usually not much harm in doing so, and it lets other would be visitors know of your own experience, right?  

One Sydney man probably bit off a bit more than he could chew with providing less than constructive feedback via a Bondi cafe’s Facebook page.

Sydneysider Paul Martin didn’t know he was starting a war when he left the brief comment:

Dirty. Ants. Burnt food. Extortionate prices

Paul wrote, giving the cafe a one-star rating to emphasise his point

The owner of the cafe responded and at first it seemed all above board:

Paul, I’m shocked to hear that you didn’t love the food and enjoy the vibe. I am sorry you were so disappointed.

Then it went south.

Paul, ever heard of the ‘scarcity mentality’? Mate, your review and star rating differ wildly from how your table behaved to the manager’s face, let alone the average [rating] on Facebook. It’s always so easy to take such categorical, and damaging pot-shots from afar on public sites like Facebook, rather than…report [or] query something and enable…a process of review to be undertaken and a win-win solution to be found.

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Ref: The Courier Mail